Zebra Print Living Room Set

Zebra Print Living Room Set

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Zebra Print Living Room Set

Zebra Print Living Room Set – A splash of colour, pattern and bold graphics is the best way to turn your décor up a notch. Regardless of your style, in case you really need to take it out of “Drab-ulous” into “Fabulous” then adding a bit of zebra print or other animal print (or a little of both) is just the ticket. Here are some fantastic ideas that will help you integrate this classic yet consistently trendy design element in your space.

Zebra Printing Chairs – From dining rooms, to bedrooms to family and living rooms, zebra bring chairs are a popular and sophisticated design option that literally wakes up the room and flips it on it’s back! Insert a fairly pillow of another color like blue or green or purple and step back and soak in the view – then sit down, kick your feet up and bask in your decorating decoration! A set of zebra print, low back, bathtub style seats in your formal living room will beg for the question, “Where did you get those seats?” Which is followed by, “I simply love them!” A pair of zebra print dining seats or even only a pair blended in with (replacing two of) your current dining seats can transform the dining room into an elegant, stylish and even slightly funky room for your guests to enjoy a terrific meal with excellent hosts!

Yellow Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Zebra Print Shower Curtain – For the guest or master bath, a zebra shower curtain is a really eye catching design plan that can not fail! Mix in a small amount of additional animal print or a distinct black and white pattern like miniature dots or checks and throw in a pop of color and you are all set! Don’t get mad with the zebra or animal print in the restroom. It’s a little space a like we mentioned before – a small amount of zebra pattern goes a long long way!

The Zebra Print Rug – Does each living space require a little bit of colour and pizzazz, in addition, it needs an anchor. A particular décor component that draws the eye and facilities the point on which to base the rest of the room’s layout style. Nothing fills that position in addition to a zebra print rug. They come in every shape and size from a small throw rug to your master bathroom to a enormous floor covering 12′ x 18′ and naturally, even larger!

Zebra Decor For Living Room

Additionally, there are zebra print rugs that are made from animal hair and those too that are formed like the hide of an animal. Whether facing your fireplace, under your cocktail table, in the foot of your bed or travel up the middle of your stairs, a zebra rug is guaranteed to bring the “WOW!” Variable you’re looking for and add a little of your own fun, daring and confident personality into the space. No matter if your current décor is traditional or modern, you’ll be safe if you throw in a bit of animal print since it’s so transitional and flexible that it integrates itself nicely into many existing decors.

A couple of pillows and a throw blanket are all you want to have a walk on the wild side. If you would like, or are on a limited budget, there are lots of zebra print bedding collections that include coordinating pieces that mix in cohesively with one another. Do not overdo it by turning your windows, floor, bed and bathroom to a jungle. Zebra

Print Pillows – For a simple way to integrate the zebra print layout into any room like a bedroom, guest, family or living room, just buy one or a couple of zebra pillows of various sizes and textures and add them into your current décor. Bear in mind that these terrific little design elements can be found in the standard black and white zebra pattern in addition to in black and tan – no rule says you can not do both together! Experiment – leave the price tags and keep them on the couch or bed for a couple of days.

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